Team of the Month – Waconia

The Waconia team is a group of cool, under pressure, person centered, fun staff. The house is always doing something to stay busy like Special Olympics, Showstoppers, Glee Club, Yoga, SoFit, church, and being involved with their community. Visiting the library, swimming at the community center, attending the Fire Departments pancake breakfast, Carver County Fair, Unhinged Pizza, State Fair, and Nickle Dickle Day. Without the support of the stellar staff at the home, these activities would not be possible. Swimming at the local community center was not only about getting the guys to be more active but was also something the clients wanted to try and we found out they love it! To make swimming successful it required extra planning and extra staff. Many staff stepped up to support this awesome weekly activity for the Waconia house guys. Special Olympics (bowling, track, basketball, bocce, poly hockey) is another activity that takes a lot of coordination and hands on deck as the house is divided into two different groups/teams. No matter the weather or schedule, the staff banded together to get both groups to their competitions and practices. This past summer the Waconia house along with another home took a trip to McGregor and Duluth. The trip couldn’t have been as awesome as it was if not for the outgoing and enthusiastic staff. Staff were able to help facilitate a train ride for clients that were interested while the other half went hiking at Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock. While at McGregor staff also took the time to teach clients to kayak. So many amazing things happen at this home that are a direct result of the Waconia house having a great team. And last but not least, this team is also made up of staff who are willing to put extra time in when needed, help one another out, and advocate for the client’s best interests.

Thank you Waconia team!