Thank you MORA

This week the MORA case management division is excited to celebrate 3 years of providing case management service in the surrounding counties, as well as receiving their 1,000th referral. Although we are a quickly growing division of MORA with a program director, 6 supervisors, and 28 case managers serving over 1,000 clients within two counties and on many waiver programs, we never forget our humble beginnings or those individuals and/or departments that have been so instrumental in our growth along the way.

We owe so many thanks to individuals and departments that it can be difficult to even know where to begin. My personal first memory is of a few of us pressed together in the tiny ADS office next door to the main office. Back in those days, two years ago, we were so close we could over hear each other’s every phone conversation (okay that still happens in the main office but you get my point) and asking questions was easy. You just turned to your left. I knew a future space was looming for us next door, but I never even had a worry about that or the fact that we were starting out in someone else’s space. Every day that I, and others, walked into ADS we were greeted by smiling faces. Staff’s positive attitudes and willingness to answer our questions or redirect us when we got lost (because even in a small space I got lost trying to find the restroom) was greatly appreciated. For me personally being greeted with such positivity and a willingness to share space and resources was a fantastic start to a new life journey. It certainly helped to be treated warmly and to feel, though we were so small at the time, that we were an integral part of the agency.

Just as we are thankful to ADS initial willingness to share their space, we are also thankful for many others who have been with us on this journey through both our triumphs and our difficulties. The human resource department has been instrumental in our ability to grow—setting up countless interviews, answering endless questions, and schooling us in even the most rudimentary human resource concepts. Gretchen Bourgeois has been paramount to our successful functioning and ability to ensure quality client service. She has worked tirelessly behind the scenes—scheduling vehicles and arranging flights so that we can provide services to clients who live so far away they have no one else in their area to provide the service, registering us for trainings, reserving rooms, the list is literally endless. MCCP and the residential team have been with us from the beginning. The support, encouragement, advice, consultation, and expertise they have offered is unparalleled. And we could not write such an article without mentioning the support we have received from both our agency president and the board of directors. It means everything that they believe in our success and support us in so many enumerable ways. We owe our success to all of these departments and individuals and even to others throughout MORA.

Our note of appreciation however would be incomplete without recognizing both the Billing and IT departments, without whom we would be entirely lost, in a very real way. Billing continues to work hard, taking on increased duties with every new client we admit. Prior to our departments beginnings, the billing department had never completed case management specific billing. They have been here the entire time learning and growing with us along the way. Similarly, IT took on an additional full-time job when they onboarded our department and worked to keep us up and running. IT ensures we are able to have consistent and continual access to technology that ensures serving our clients is done so much more seamlessly. These departments are so instrumental in our day-to-day functioning that it is impossible to imagine doing our work without them.

We appreciate you all but have to admit that sometimes when growing, you experience growing pains. And as a department we have experienced a share of our own. Many of you have experienced these pains with us. Whether it be IT’s continual explanations that you cannot shut your computer down mid update or Billing/Payrolls continual reminders to get PPL requests improved in time (I’m sorry Kari! I’m personally responsible for this one), we are appreciative of the help and grace we are shown by the other departments as we learn through growing. We hope our appreciation always shows.

In addition to our growing pains are those funny moment. . .well, at least in hindsight they are funny! From the time a case manager who volunteered to let Tracy attend one of his meetings, found himself in the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by the heavy-footed company president (determined to get them to this meeting on time), to the time Christine Borka helped load space heaters into the training room when we arrived to discover we would be holding a staff meeting in a room that was only 50 degrees, to the period we began our journey at the Dakota site (which entailed much adventure, interesting finds, figuring out what to do with some of the well-used furniture, and something we call mystery droppings, unable to determine the type of animal that left it behind). These are the moments that remain with us, that you are all a part of in your own way.

As we continue to grow we hope it is apparent how appreciated all of you are. We succeed together and we face trying times together. We do not grow without the rest of the agency. Our growth is everyone’s growth. Just like a flower we cannot bloom alone—we need the fertile ground, the rain, the sun, the tending. We need all of you to continue this journey. We couldn’t be more proud and appreciative of all the assistance, support, and efforts you all have provided to us and we cannot wait to see what the future years hold.


Written by Dorothy Bouzouma, Case Management Supervisor