The Origins of Case Management

On May 1, 2016, the case management department opened its doors, with only two case managers and one director, and began serving individuals in the metro area. While the department had humble beginnings, we are excited to announce the admission of our 500th client. As of January 2017, the case management division was serving about 70 individuals. We will end the year serving over 500.

With growth in clients, comes growth in our team. Over the last year the department has hired 12 new case managers. Our case managers are a diverse group of individuals, representing a range of ages, ethnicities, and professional, as well as personal experiences, who seek to better the lives of the most vulnerable individuals within our community. In July of 2017, Katie Schweiker was hired as a case aide for our department. Katie has proven to be a tremendous asset to our team and helps to support our department in many ways. Additionally, two months ago, two case managers, Alexis Brech and Tina Erickson, were promoted to a supervisory position to support team members in ensuring we continue to deliver the best service possible. Most recently, three case managers were hired from within MORA and joined the case management team in early December. The case management department has big plans and we continue to see rapid client admission. We look forward to continued growth and providing the most supportive services in the metro area.